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Fine American Craft & Contemporary Design

Computers For The Needy

Nurses For Peace

Mountain View Studios


Another Mother For Peace


Arms Reduction Coalition

Bahai website

Buddhist Peace Fellowship

Catholic Charities USA

Catholic Worker Movement

Children Of Fire International

ChildVoice International

Common Dreams

Community Character Consulting

Daniel Pearl World Music Days

Doctors Without Borders

Empowerment Institute

Family Of Woodstock

Habitat for Humanity

Haitian Support Project

Heal The World Foundation

Spirit Journey

Imagine Peace (Woodstock Walk)

Imagine Peace (Yoko Ono)

Interfaith Peace Site

International Alert

International Day Of Peace

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Nuclear Disarmament

One Laptop per Child

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Universal Peace Day

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Water Not Weapons

World Peace Society and Growth Network

We the World

World Peace Tour for Children

World Water Resue Foundation

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Community Character Consulting

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Jean Turmo

Lenny Bee Smoked Fish & Honey

Loominus Handwovens

Mountain Gate Lodge and Shangri-La Restaurant

Nightshade Fine Gardening

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